AeroScientific (a business unit of Spatial Scientific Pty. Ltd.) creates software and hardware for aerial surveyors. Our  range of software tools and hardware solutions simplify the process of aerial image acquisition, including flight planning, aerial camera control, post-mission analysis, and multi-image alignment.

The focus of our aerial imaging technology is the award-winning Aviatrix flight management and aerial camera control system. This is supported by our flight planning software: FlightPlanner. AeroScientific draws on many years of practical aerial survey experience, which has enabled us to create imaging systems that make aerial data capture significantly easier, cheaper, and more efficient than any other flight management system available today.

As aerial surveyors ourselves, with considerable experience in aerial survey operations (topographic, multispectral, thermal and more), we feel that we truly understand the challenges that operators face. We have developed our software to make aerial image acquisition as simple and hassle-free as possible. Having used our own custom-designed technology for many years, we are pleased to offer our clients this same technology. We’ve streamlined our own aerial image acquisition process; we’d now like to help others streamline theirs.

We are keen to support everyone in the industry, from new operators who are just beginning, to world-class survey companies that are looking to add new and exciting technologies to their operations. Our mission is to make aerial imaging technologies accessible to anyone, through state-of-the-art technology, innovation, leadership, and collaborative partnerships.

Spatial Scientific

Spatial Scientific Pty. Ltd. (established in 2005) is an Australian developer of custom-built imaging systems and the creator of the AeroScientific suite of products. (The company is also an airborne data provider; you can find our data acquisition website at We have an established track record in building fully integrated systems using thermal, multispectral, and high-resolution imaging technologies for both airborne and ground-based applications. The systems that we build are always targeted to the needs of our clients.

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