The ADVANCED Aviatrix package

The ADVANCED Aviatrix package is a high-end solution aimed at professional operators, such as those who use high precision GPS/IMU and/or non-standard cameras (large format, thermal, multispectral, etc.).

In this case we supply more hardware (a ruggedized PC for use in the aircraft, pilot and operator’s screens, hard packing cases, etc.). We also configure the system to work with more advanced GPS/IMUs, more advanced cameras (FLIR, etc.), and gyro-stabilized mounts.

The ADVANCED Aviatrix package is delivered as a complete system so that the components can be fully integrated and tested before shipping.

This includes the following components

  • Aviatrix Pro flight management software
  • FlightPlanner Pro flight planning software
  • FlightCube flight computer
  • Two daylight readable touchscreen displays (one for the pilot; one for the operator)
  • Cables for triggering up to two cameras
  • Cables for interfacing with GPS/IMU and gyro-stabilized mounts
  • Hard packing cases

Since we have sales agreements in place with many different hardware manufacturers, the ADVANCED package can be supplied as a fully integrated system, including cameras, GPS/IMU and stabilized camera mount if required.


FlightCube is our new state-of-the-art airborne flight computer which has been specifically designed for Aviatrix.

The FlightCube is a ruggedized PC which includes all the hardware to trigger, and receive feedback from, multiple cameras (medium format, DSLR, mirrorless, FLIR, machine vision etc.). It can be mounted in any orientation to suit the internal layout of the aircraft.


FlightCube’s Specification

  • i7 processor with 8GB RAM and 256GB solid state drive
  • Two drive bays for removable solid state drives
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Aviatrix camera triggering hardware
  • 10Hz non-differential GPS (High precision GPS will be available in the future)
  • Six USB ports, two ethernet ports, RS232, VGA, HDMI, DisplayPort
  • 12-30VDC input power (90W)
  • Output power (12VDC) for up to four peripheral devices (pilot’s screen, cameras etc.)
  • Sturdy aluminium case, fully grounded
  • Cube shaped: 180mm x 180mm x 180mm
  • Four mounting holes on each face

You can download the FlightCube flyer here.

LED Lightbar

The LED lightbar shows the pilot which way to fly in order to stay on the flight line, giving the pilot a heads-up display, thus there is less need to look down into the cockpit to view the pilot’s screen.

The lightbar features 15 powerful, daylight-readable coloured LEDs, all powered through the USB port of the computer on which Aviatrix is running. The LEDs show exactly the same feedback as the digital lightbar at the top of the Aviatrix MAP window: green lights for when you’re close to the planned flight line, and red lights when you’re getting a bit too far away.

You can download the lightbar flyer here.


Pilot and operator’s display

We have tested numerous pilot’s/operator’s displays over the years, so we have a clear idea of what makes a good display. Our current preferred models come from the Xenarc range.

The specific models that we recommend are the Xenarc 802TSV (8-inch LCD/LED touchscreen monitor), the 902TSH (9-inch LCD/LED touchscreen monitor) and the 1022TSH (10-inch LCD/LED touchscreen monitor).

Full details are available on the Xenarc Direct website.


Other hardware: GPS/IMU and stabilized mounts

Since we work with a number of technology suppliers, we can easily arrange to have almost any GPS/IMU tightly integrated into the ADVANCED Aviatrix package. The system is configured so that GPS/IMU data is recorded at the exact moment the camera fires (known as the mid-exposure pulse).

We can also integrate a gyro-stabilized mount, which will ensure the camera is always pointing straight down.

Please contact us to find out how we can configure a system for you.

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