Quickly analyse data from your aerial survey flight

AfterFlight allows the user to quickly and efficiently analyse imagery and meta data from an aerial survey flight. It can be used in the air, or on the ground. With this software, you know immediately whether there were any problems with the acquisition. This is why it is so useful: it means that problems can be identified straight away, and fixed while you are still in the air. But it does much more than identify any potential problems with the data capture: it also allows the user to synchronise the acquired imagery with meta data (GPS positions), generate statistics from the acquisition flight, and export the meta data in new formats.

You can download a flyer describing AfterFlight here (PDF).


In the air

As you turn off the last flight run, AfterFlight will give you all the statistics of the acquisition, including:

  • the number of frames that were captured
  • the mean and standard deviation of the distance actual trigger points from the planned ones
  • whether any trigger points were ‘out of tolerance’, for example the trigger point was too far from the planned point
  • whether there will be any gaps in the final data set

By knowing this information whilst still in the air, and still in the survey area, it is possible to go back and refly any flight lines that need reflying. It is far better to fix any acquisition problems straight away, rather than having to return at a later date.

On the ground

AfterFlight enables the synchronisation of image data and GPS data, to aid image processing. Specifically, AfterFlight can be used to write image names into meta data files, and it can write GPS data (latitudes and longitudes) into image EXIF headers.

Try before you buy

As with all of our software products, we encourage potential clients to try the software before they purchase it. Please contact us for a demo version of AfterFlight (fully functional but time limited), so that you can try the software for yourself. We’ll provide plenty of sample data for you to experiment with.


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