Flight Planning

Learn How to Adjust/Optimise Your Flight Plan’s Flight Line Orientation

Our flight planning software, FlightPlanner allows you to easily optimise or adjust your flight line’s orientation. Watch the video to see how:

There are 4 methods to optimising or adjusting a flight line’s orientation:
– Auto-Calculate Flight Lines: Gives you the option of minimising the number of turns, total flying length, or number of frames you take during the survey flight
– North to South Flight Lines: Locks your flight lines in “a north to south” or vertical orientation
– East to West Flight Lines: Locks your flight lines in “an east to west” orientation or horizontal orientation.
– Custom Orientation: Sets your flight lines at a specific angle (e.g., 45-degree angle).

For a more in-depth article about how to optimise your flight line’s orientation, click here. If you’re interested in our flight planning software, please contact us or request a demo.