We understand that purchasing a new flight management system can be a big undertaking. We, therefore, want to make the process as easy and hassle-free as possible. Here are a few guidelines to help you purchase our software or systems.


FlightPlanner can be purchased as a standalone software application. You can use FlightPlanner to make flight plans for your own flight management system if you don’t want to use our Aviatrix FMS.

If you’re interested in FlightPlanner only, contact us for a demo version of the software. We will send you a download link for the application. When installed, we will send you an unlock code that will give you four weeks to assess all of the functionality of the software. Note that FlightPlanner comes in three versions (Classic, Pro, and Ultimate), so you’ll need to let us know which version you’d like to evaluate. This document gives more information about FlightPlanner and the differences between the three versions.

Aviatrix flight management system

In the first instance, we’ll send you a download link for the Aviatrix FMS which you can install on your own computer. After install, we’ll send you an unlock code and some demo data. The Aviatrix application has inbuilt GPS simulation software, so by loading a GPS file, you can fool the software into thinking that it’s out flying. You won’t be able to trigger a camera with this setup (you’ll need a trigger box to do that), but you will be able to see exactly how the software works.

If you like what you see, we can arrange to loan you a trigger box (we’ll need a small deposit, usually a hold on a credit card is sufficient) so that you will be able to fully test the software. Usually, the first stage of testing is to set up the hardware on the bench (laptop, trigger box, and camera) and again use the inbuilt GPS simulation software to undertake a simulated flight. This time your camera will fire every time the software flies through a trigger point.

The next step is to create a flight plan, and take the system out in a car (making sure the person operating the software is not driving!). As you drive through trigger points, you’ll see the camera firing. If you have access to an aircraft, there’s no reason why you can’t take the system flying and capture some real data.

Once the testing process is complete, we’ll work with you to determine which package is appropriate for your business: STANDARD or ADVANCED. If you want the STANDARD package, we’ll invoice you for the balance of the sale price, and on payment send you a permanent unlock code. You’ll then be good to go and fly as much data as you like.

If you want to purchase the ADVANCED package, we’ll spend more time scoping out the design of the system so that you get the exact features that you require. You’ll need to return the trigger box to us, as the AeroControlBox (the PC at the heart of the ADVANCED package) already contains camera triggering hardware. When payment is received, we’ll ship the system and support you in getting everything set up. Note that sometimes a site visit from one of our technicians or resellers is required.


It is probably a good idea to test AfterFlight after you have tested Aviatrix. Unlike the other applications, AfterFlight doesn’t operate well as a standalone package; it has been designed for use with Aviatrix, and the metadata that Aviatrix produces.

As with the other applications, we will send you a download link, and after install, we’ll send you a temporary unlock code. You’ll then be able to test AfterFlight, either with your own metadata recorded from your own Aviatrix flights or with sample metadata that we can provide.


Like FlightPlanner, AeroAlign can also be used as a standalone application. AeroAlign can align any pair of images, as long as they have common features. As with our other software, just contact us for a demo version, and we’ll send you a download link.

Once you’ve installed the application, we’ll send you an unlock code, so you can test the features for four weeks, and decide if you want to buy.

We’ll also provide sample imagery with the demo version, so you can really get a feel for how AeroAlign works on different datasets.

Payment and licence codes

When you decide to purchase, we can accept payment in the form of a bank transfer, a cheque (in the USA only), or a credit card. (Note that credit card payments will incur an extra processing fee of 3%.).

When payment has reached our account, we’ll send you a permanent licence code for the software.

We licence our software by locking it to a single computer. This means we can avoid the difficulties associated with dongles (they always get lost!) and online licences, which require an internet connection.

However, it does mean that if you want to move the software to another computer, we’ll need to assist you with transferring the licence.

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