For many years, AeroScientific has worked with leading medium format camera manufacturers to create awesome aerial mapping systems. We currently work closely with Phase One, a global leader in industrial medium format imaging. All of our software and hardware are configured to work with these cameras.

Phase One aerial cameras

Phase One offers a wide range of industrial cameras (details here). In particular, the 150 megapixel and 100 megapixels iXM-RS150F/ iXM-RS100F models are ideally suited to airborne imaging from manned aircraft. Lens options range from 32mm to 150mm.

AeroScientific is an authorised integrator of Phase One camera systems, so we’re excited about being able to offer this camera, integrated with the award-winning Aviatrix flight management system, to our clients.

Phase one, 150 megapixel and 100 megapixel models

Multi-camera systems

Combining RGB (natural colour) and NIR (near-infrared) medium format cameras enables the user to acquire four-band data suitable for vegetation mapping. The Aviatrix flight management system is pre-configured to control multiple medium format cameras, so the addition of a second camera is a straightforward process.

To further assist users working with four band data, we have developed the AeroAlign software. This application takes RGB and NIR images of the same area and accurately combines them into a four-band image. Further details here.

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