Full details of all our products can be downloaded here (PDF).

AeroScientific produces the following software applications:

Aviatrix – our flagship application: a flight management and aerial camera control system.

FlightPlanner – a flight planning tool for accurately calculating aerial photography flight lines, that can be used on its own, or with the Aviatrix flight management system.

AfterFlight – a post-flight image management software tool that provides a fast method of viewing all the details of an acquisition flight.

AeroAlign – an application for aligning images from multi-camera systems (such as RGB and NIR), for creating multi-band, CIR or NDVI images.

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Trial versions

Please note that we are happy to provide trial versions for any of these software applications, so that you can test them before you buy. Just contact us for a download link. When you have installed the software, we’ll send you a temporary licence code that will unlock the software for a few weeks. All of our software is compatible with the Windows operating system only (preferably Win 10).

Turnkey systems

In addition to selling our software as standalone applications, we also sell two different turnkey systems: the STANDARD Aviatrix System, and the ADVANCED Aviatrix System. Find out which one is most appropriate for your setup here.

UAS / UAV / Drones

Our flight management systems have been specifically designed for use on manned aircraft. However, it’s pretty clear that unmanned systems will form a significant part of the aerial survey industry in the coming years. We are therefore in the process of evaluating how our systems can be reconfigured for use with unmanned aircraft.

We have already begun development of our flight planning software (FlightPlanner) for use with the DJI drones. You can find more details here.

We are currently testing our Aviatrix flight management system (FMS) with various unmanned systems, and although we don’t have any release dates quite yet, we will be making regular updates. Please contact us if you would like to be put on our mailing list to receive regular updates.

Important note

Our equipment (hardware and software) is manufactured from commercially available, non-aviation, components. We cannot guarantee that any of our equipment is legal for use in certificated aircraft.

It is the responsibility of the end user to make sure that all legal and safety requirements are met when using Spatial Scientific products in an aircraft, or in an aviation related activity. A suitably qualified pilot and/or engineer must be consulted.

The Aviatrix software is designed to assist with aircraft positioning related to aerial survey. It is not certified for aircraft navigation, and must not be used for this purpose. None of the data provided by the Aviatrix software (including but not limited to speed, heading, distance, height) are guaranteed to be accurate. All data presented to the operator are indicative only. Aviatrix is a camera control system, not an aircraft navigation system.

It is the responsibility of the pilot-in-command to ensure that the use of the Aviatrix camera control system does not compromise the safety of the aircraft.

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