The STANDARD Aviatrix package

The STANDARD Aviatrix package is a cost-effective solution for entry level operators; typically users who just want a simple flight management system to control commercial off the shelf cameras. In this case the package includes software (FlightPlanner and Aviatrix) and a trigger box. The user provides the remaining hardware (laptop computer and pilot’s screen) and also undertakes the installation, system configuration and testing.

The STANDARD Aviatrix package includes the following components:

  • Aviatrix Classic flight management software
  • FlightPlanner Classic flight planning software
  • AeroScientific trigger box (with internal GPS)
  • Cables for triggering up to two cameras (DSLR, medium format, mirrorless etc.)

The user is required to supply the following items:

  • Camera, lens and camera mount
  • Laptop or tablet PC and pilot’s display
  • Installation, system configuration and testing

Although we provide guidance, the user is required to undertake their own installation and testing. We also provide considerable technical support for the first 12 months, free of charge. After that, the user can choose to subscribe to our technical support service by paying an annual fee.

Further details on the recommended hardware for the Aviatrix system can be found here.

The Aviatrix trigger box

A trigger box is required to enable the computer to fire the camera’s shutter, and to receive feedback from the camera. The trigger box, which plugs into the computer’s USB port, can control one or two cameras (they don’t necessarily have to be the same make or model).

The trigger box also includes a 10Hz non-differential GPS, which provides navigation data to the software, and metadata for the acquired images (each image is tagged with the GPS data).

An external antenna is included which can be placed in a suitable location in the aircraft (usually on the dash of the aircraft). Further details available here.



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