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FlightPlanner documents

FlightPlanner user guide (July 2020) is available here.
FlightPlanner technical note Apr 2019: moving licences between computers (PDF).
FlightPlanner technical note Oct 2019: upgrading to a higher version (PDF).


FlightPlanner videos

Importing a polygon from Google Earth (watch here)
Importing a path from Google Earth (watch here)
How to make a path in FlightPlanner (watch here)
Flight line orientation (watch here)
Calculating mission time (watch here)


Aviatrix installation and licensing

Documentation describing the annual technical support and licensing arrangements (PDF).
Aviatrix installation guide (PDF).


Aviatrix technical documents

Aviatrix technical note Aug 2017: writing GPS data to imagery acquired with Nikon D800 series cameras (PDF).
Aviatrix technical note Apr 2019: moving licences between computers (PDF).
Aviatrix technical note Oct 2019: importing background maps into Aviatrix (PDF).
Aviatrix technical note Nov 2019: internal and external GPS sources (PDF).

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