Although we have developed four different software packages (FlightPlanner, Aviatrix, AfterFlight and AeroAlign), a single, standalone software application will rarely meet the needs of an operator in the aerial survey market.

Instead, the operator will require a turnkey system, which contains a combination of software applications and hardware components.

We try very hard to ensure that our clients purchase the correct system that exactly meets their particular requirements. To simplify the process, we have created two Aviatrix turnkey systems: the STANDARD package and the ADVANCED package.

The STANDARD Aviatrix package

The STANDARD Aviatrix package is a cost-effective solution for entry level operators; typically users who just want a simple flight management system to control commercial off the shelf cameras. In this case the package includes software (FlightPlanner and Aviatrix) and a trigger box.

The user provides the remaining hardware (laptop computer and pilot’s screen) and also does the installation and testing.

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The ADVANCED Aviatrix package

The ADVANCED Aviatrix package is a high-end solution aimed at professional operators, such as those who use high precision GPS/IMU and/or non-standard cameras (large format, thermal, multispectral, etc.).

In this case we supply more hardware (a ruggedized PC for use in the aircraft, pilot and operator’s screens, hard packing cases, etc.). We also configure the system to work with more advanced GPS/IMUs, more advanced cameras (FLIR, etc.), and gyro-stabilized mounts.

The ADVANCED Aviatrix package is delivered as a complete system so that the components can be fully integrated and tested before shipping.

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Important note

Our equipment (hardware and software) is manufactured from commercially available, non-aviation, components. We cannot guarantee that any of our equipment is legal for use in certificated aircraft.

It is the responsibility of the end-user to make sure that all legal and safety requirements are met when using Spatial Scientific products in an aircraft, or an aviation-related activity. A suitably qualified pilot and/or engineer must be consulted.

The Aviatrix software is designed to assist with aircraft positioning related to aerial surveys. It is not certified for aircraft navigation, and must not be used for this purpose. None of the data provided by the Aviatrix software (including but not limited to speed, heading, distance, height) are guaranteed to be accurate. All data presented to the operator are indicative only. Aviatrix is a camera control system, not an aircraft navigation system.

It is the responsibility of the pilot-in-command to ensure that the use of the Aviatrix camera control system does not compromise the safety of the aircraft.

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