Technology partners

These are the companies with whom we have partnered, in order to provide our clients with the best possible aerial imaging technology.

FLIR Systems, Australia

FLIR Systems is the world leader in thermal imaging technology. Our partnership with FLIR dates back to 2010. Since that time we have developed considerable experience in integrating the complete range of FLIR’s thermal cameras into custom-built aerial imaging systems.

Hasselblad, Sweden

Hasselblad is a world-renowned manufacturer of high quality medium format cameras. AeroScientific has recently partnered with Hasselblad to create an exciting new aerial imaging system based around the Hasselblad A6D 100 megapixel aerial camera. Click here for more details.

LRM Technologies, Australia

LRM is an Australian supplier of the FLIR Tau-2 thermal imaging camera. This camera has been integrated into the Aviatrix flight management system, to enable low cost thermal imaging from both manned aircraft and UAVs.

SOMAG, Germany

SOMAG is a manufacturuer of gyro-stabilized mounts for aerial photography. The mounts ensure that the camera remains in the vertical position, even if the aircraft is not flying straight and level. The CSM40 is ideal for small and medium format cameras, and can be easily integrated with the Aviatrix flight management system.

Tetracam, USA

Tetracam is a long-established manufacturer of hyperspectral sensors that are designed for both manned aircraft and unmanned platforms. Tetracam is now bundling our FlightPlanner software with their hardware systems, giving Tetracam users a more seamless imaging solution.

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