AeroScientific features in Hasselblad newsletter

In May 2017 AeroScientific partnered with Hasselblad to launch a fantastic new aerial mapping system, consisting of the Hasselblad A6D-100c camera, and the Aviatrix Flight Management System.

Now, AeroScientific appears in a recent newsletter as the primary story. Hasselblad’s article starts with describing the very start of AeroScientific, and its progression to where we are now.

Using the Hasselblad A6D 100c camera has allowed AeroScientific to create a simple and cost-effective system without jeopardising quality. Although the Flight Management System can work with a range of hardware (cameras), the A6D is an especially good fit due to its quality and price point. Hasselblad had been out of the aerial imaging industry for a while, but partnering with AeroScientific gets them straight back in, opening the market for aerial survey and making the partnership a success for both companies. Importantly, the product philosophies of both Hasselblad and AeroScietntific are in good alignment; both companies believe in simple, cost-effective, yet powerful solutions.

Read the full article on Hasselblad’s website here