Flight Planning Made Easy

Looking for one of the most efficient and effective flight planning software for aerial photography?

FlightPlanner is an easy to use application that makes the planning process for aerial photography quick and efficient. It has been specifically designed to automatically calculate the ideal layout of photo frames to ensure complete coverage with the minimum amount of flying.

Flight Plan Camera and Imaging Parameters

The FlightPlanner will allow you to adjust the following imaging parameters:

  • lens focal length and sensor resolution
  • flying height and ground speed
  • forward and side overlap
  • ground pixel size and imaging frame rate
  • frame camera or linescanner
  • area or path flight plans

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Flight Planning for Aerial Photography

Key Features of Our Flight Planning Software for Aerial Photography

FlightPlanner has all the functionality expected of any basic flight planning software:

  • Plan polygon or linear flight plans
  • Support for almost any type of camera or linescanner
  • Wide range of user-specified imaging parameters
    (flying height, pixel size, forward/side overlap etc.)
  • Automatically calculate area, distance, flight runs, trigger points, number of turns and more
  • Complete integration with our award-winning Aviatrix flight management and camera control system

Advanced Flight Planning Functionality

  • Auto-calculate the optimal flight plan: either minimize number of runs, number of frames, or total flight length
  • Use terrain models to adjust spacing between lines or points to give complete coverage in mountainous areas
  • Use terrain models to create flight plans with flight lines at different heights, to minimize the number of frames
  • And much more…

    Interested in flight planning? Take a look at our FlightPlanner Software Guide


    Flight Plan Creation: Closed Polygon

    The simplest form of a flight plan is a closed polygon. Once the user has drawn the polygon on the streaming background maps, it is a simple process to choose the correct camera and imaging
    parameters, and calculate the optimal flight plan.

    Want to see the quick 4-step process about how to create a flight plan / aerial survey plan in our FlightPlanner software?

    See How to Create a Flight Plan

    Integration with Other Software and Hardware

    FlightPlanner can import a range of file formats, including ASCII text, KML/KMZ, ESRI SHP files, Topoflight files, and Track’Air files. If you find there is a file format missing, just let us know, and we’ll add it to the list of supported files.

    FlightPlanner is just as versatile with output file formats. Supported file formats include KML/KMZ, GPX (for some Garmin devices), FPL (for Garmin G3Z, Aera and GTN devices), and ForeFlight. Of course, FlightPlanner integrates very tightly with our own Aviatrix flight management system.



    Flight Planning for Aerial Photography. Three Versions: Classic, Pro and Ultimate

    We have created three different versions of FlightPlanner, in order to support a wide range of different users.

    Classic: Designed for entry level users, but with sufficient features to enable the creation of accurate flight plans quickly and efficiently. Competitively priced and easy to use.

    Pro: Extra features include the use of terrain models to create more efficient flight plans over varying terrain, linear flight plans, and support for back-ground maps and images.

    Ultimate: All of the features of Classic and Pro, but with further tools, including import and export of many different file types, and import of unlimited background maps.

    Features Classic Pro Ultimate
    Create linear flight plans
    Free draw mode
    Use terrain height when flight planning
    Use terrain height when flight planning
    Display information of selected entities
    Import KML/KMZ background data
    Import background maps 1 Unlimited
    Make flight plans with lines of different height
    Import shape files, TopoFlight files, Track’Air files, ASCII text files
    Garmin compatible flight plans for use with G3X, Aera, GTN devices


    FlightPlanner is compatible with the Windows operating system (Win 7 Pro and above). Our recommended operating system is Windows 10.

    Try our Flight Planning Software in Aerial Photography for Free

    There are just too many features in FlightPlanner to list them all here. We, therefore, encourage you to trial the flight planning software for yourself. Please contact us for a download link. When you have installed FlightPlanner, we can send you a temporary licence code for unlocking the software. This will give you 30 days to evaluate the software, without any obligation.

    Try our 30-day free FlightPlanner trial, or contact us for more information

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