Our Aerial Survey Software Products

These are the key aerial survey products that make Aeroscientific a great company.


An easy-to-use flight planning software tool designed for aerial mapping.


An advanced flight management system incorporating airborne camera control.


A specialised application designed to interface Nikon DSLR cameras with our FMS, Aviatrix.


A powerful tool for aerial image processing, removes lens distortion and aligns multi-camera images.


Allows a quick and efficient analysis of aerial imagery, either during or after a survey flight.

How We Help Aerial Surveyors

Aeroscientific: Aerial survey camera control systems for all users

We can support all users, whether you’re new to the aerial photography industry, or if you’ve been working in this field all your life.

Entry level users

Entry level users typically just want a simple flight management system to control commercial off the shelf cameras. Our STANDARD Aviatrix system caters directly to these users: it includes flight planning and camera control software, and simple hardware to trigger one or two cameras. A simple, cost-effective solution that is robust and reliable.

Advanced users

The ADVANCED Aviatrix package is a high-end solution aimed at professional operators. In this case, we supply more hardware (a ruggedized PC for use in the aircraft, pilot and operator’s screens, hard packing cases, etc.). We also configure the system to work with more advanced GPS/IMUs, more advanced cameras (FLIR, multispectral, etc.), and gyro-stabilized mounts.

Tailor made solutions

Many of our clients use tailor made systems: these are systems that are designed specifically for the unique requirements of the client. Our long experience in developing software and hardware to control aerial sensors means that we are able to design solutions for almost any scenario.

Our story

AeroScientific (a business unit of Spatial Scientific Pty. Ltd.) creates software and hardware for aerial surveyors. The focus of our aerial imaging technology is the award-winning Aviatrix flight management and aerial camera control system. This is supported by our flight planning software: FlightPlanner. AeroScientific draws on many years of practical aerial survey experience, which has enabled us to create imaging systems that make aerial data capture significantly easier, cheaper, and more efficient than any other flight management system available today.